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Product & Award Categories


Cables & Interconnect Products
Consoles & Mixers: Large Format, Analog (32+ ch)
Consoles & Mixers: Large Format, Digital (32+ ch)
Consoles & Mixers: Small Format, Analog (< 32 ch, single product)
Consoles & Mixers: Small Format, Digital (< 32 ch, single product)
DI Boxes/Stage Tools
Digital Rack Mount Mixer (< 32 ch, single product)
Electrical Power Products
Equipment Racks & Cases
In-Ear Monitor: Ear Pieces
In-Ear Monitor: Systems
Intercom Systems
Line Arrays: Large Format (12”+ woofer)
Line Arrays: Medium Format (8-10” woofer)
Line Arrays: Small Format (less than 8” woofer)
Lighting: Control Solutions
Lighting: Intelligent Lighting
Lighting: Effects
Loudspeakers: Column/Line Source
Loudspeakers: Drivers & Transducers
Loudspeakers: Full Range, Active
Loudspeakers: Full Range, Passive
Loudspeakers: Modeling Software
Loudspeakers: Portable PA Systems
Loudspeakers: Stage Monitors
Loudspeakers: Subwoofers (>15” woofer)
Loudspeakers: Subwoofers (15” and less woofer)
Microphones: Condenser
Microphones: Dynamic
Microphones: Wireless Systems
Mixing Control Surface (sending control info only)
Networking Technologies
Outboard Gear
Personal Monitor Mixers
Power Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers: Control & Monitoring
Recording: Audio Interface
Recording: Software
RF Analyzers (Software & Hardware)
Signal Processors
Sound Reinforcement System
System Test, Measurement & Optimization Programs